We have a NEW product!

Here at Optima Health we are now offering treatments with our FX 405 Laser. This is the most advanced low-level laser that can treat an extensive range of conditions, such as chronic low back pain.

Nonthermal lasers have been shown to enhance the healing of bone fractures, burns and diabetic ulcers, and stimulate nerve regeneration. They’ve also been shown to treat a variety of painful musculoskeletal disorders.

A novel, low-level nonthermal laser that combines Red 635nm and Violet 405nm semiconductor diodes was used to treat people with neck and shoulder pain. A single treatment resulted in diminished pain scores in 75%, with increased range of motion and overall subject satisfaction. Treatment with the red and violet lasers outperformed the FDA-approved red laser with respect to pain scores, and implement in shoulder range of motion.

Call our office at 715-832-1953 or ask your doctor at your next visit to inquire whether FX Laser treatments may be helpful to your situation or conditions!

Yours in health,

The Doctors and Staff of Optima Health & Vitality Center

Steven Bircher, DC, William Bauer, DC, David Martens, DC, Julie Goplin, DC,

Debra Tidquist, APNP

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